The First Line of Defence for your Diesel Engine

Direction-Plus™ is one of Australia’s most trusted brands for supplying technically superior, best in class kits & accessories for diesel-fuelled passenger 4×4 vehicles. Direction-Plus™ Pre-Filter kits protects your diesel engine against water and particle contamination’.

Provent® oil separator kits protect your modern diesel engine by substantially reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system.

PRELINE-Plus® pre-filter kits include an intuitive multi-stage water alert that separates it from other kits on the market. The PRELINE-Plus® system is tailored to the most modern diesel direct injection systems for diesel engines. Diesel fuel additives and test kits designed to protect and get the highest level of performance out of your diesel engine.

Our industry knowledge and experience ensures you receive quality advice and reliable parts the first time, every time.

Advanced Electrical System Diagnosis

Cars, trucks and SUVs are being designed and manufactured with more electrical components than ever before. We stay abreast of all the technological advances by continually training our technicians and our expert electrical system diagnosis will make sure your vehicle is in optimal condition. Electrical systems can be affected by minor and major impacts, let us provide the in-depth understanding from a maintenance inspection. We manage all makes and models of vehicles, foreign and domestic. If any replacement parts, maintenance services or wiring adjustments are necessary, we’re your team. We are here to make sure your vehicle is comfortable, safe and dependable.

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We have decades of auto service excellence, and are ready to service all makes and models of vehicles. At Diesel Specialists, we take our time getting to the bottom of any performance issue. Come to us first to avoid time-consuming misdiagnosis and incorrect part replacements. We’ll make sure your vehicle leaves our shop in much better condition than when it arrived. Save time and money by receiving the right auto service and part replacement the first time! Make us your first and last stop. Give us a call today at +61 7 3216 5866 to book your part replacement service. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by to meet our experts. We gladly accept all walk-ins.

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We understand how important your car, truck or SUV is to your daily schedule. Whether you’re using your vehicle for a morning commute or a cross-country road trip, you should contact our experts to ensure peak performance. Our goal is to keep your vehicle safe, fuel efficient and performing at its very best. Customers come to us for real solutions to all vehicle systems – engine, mechanical and electrical. Our team has over 80 years of combined experience in the auto repair industry. Give us a call today at (07) 3216 5866 to schedule your next auto repair appointment. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by. We gladly accept all of our walk-ins!