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Quality Log Book Service -Your Warranty Is Protected!

There are several misconceptions about vehicle warranties which prevent owners from receiving the best services available. When you purchased your new car from the dealer, they probably included the manufacturer’s warranty as part of the deal. However, that does NOT mean that you have to receive log book servicing from that dealer. Vehicle owners are often misled or misinformed about not having the freedom of choice. Your new car may be serviced at Diesel Specialists in Virginia, QLD and this will have no effect on the warranty. Our satisfied customers know that we perform all services according to the manufacturer’s specifications. By coming to our facility, your vehicle and your warranty remain protected.

Every step of your maintenance service plan will use the best quality parts and lubricants. You have nothing to worry about when you choose Diesel Specialists Virginia for all of your automotive needs. We want to make sure customers are well aware of their protection under the law. While manufacturers may place time limits on vehicle warranties, customers still have specific protections afforded them under Australian Consumer Law. Any warranty offered by the manufacturer is in addition to these Consumer Guarantees, not in lieu of them. As we provide your vehicle’s quality service plan and stamp your logbook, we also ensure that you retain your vehicle’s resale value.

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Our team stands confidently behind all of its auto services and part replacements. We know how to service your vehicle, inside and out. From routine maintenance services to major auto services and overhauls. Diesel Specialists have your vehicle covered from front to back and top to bottom, and we guarantee customer satisfaction every time. Give us a call today to book your next Diesel service appointment. Make us your first and last stop for quality auto maintenance and services. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and receive our service guarantee. We provide the next level service and quality assurance that you can depend upon. Our team stands behind every auto service booking appointment with a quality warranty

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